The Old Days

Here are some photos from our album at ARK. These pictures of members, the club, our equipment and activities are taken in the period 1926-1960.

All GIFs are greyscale, scanned from B/W-photographs. Quality varies.


The Radio Exhibition in Trondheim, 1926, 184kB
ARK was in the first years involved in the efforts to form a brodcasting radio station for the public in the Trondheim area. As a part of this, ARK arranged an exhibition which gathered the radio manufacturers and shops in a presentation of this new technology.
Trøndelag Provisoriske Kringkaster, 851kB
During the Radio Exhibition ARK set up a broadcasting radio station for demonstration purposes. The transmitter had to be built from scratch, no other transmitter was available. The studio was put together by members of ARK with the help of the exhibiting firms.
Members of ARK, 1933, 155kB
Some of the members having a break in the workshop.
The radio station LA1K, 1933, 407kB
The callsign LA1K was issued in 1926 and ARK was the first ham club station in Norway. This picture shows the set-up in the radio shack in the old days.
Electronics laboratory, SW-transmitter, 190kB
ARK was formed by students from the Norwegian Institute of Technology and has received support from the University through the years. Sometimes the club has borrowed and operated laboratory equipment as part of 'research projects'.
Dovregubben, 234kB
A receiver given to the club by the radio company Standard. This piece of art has a special chrome finish.
The studio control table, 1939, 216kB
ARK was the first technical group in the Student Society Building and moved in in 1929, when the building was finished. One of the club's main purposes in the Student Society was to operate the public address equipment, much of it self-built of course. After 1945, the 'Amplifier Comittee' was an independent group in the Student Society.