Here are some photos from our album at ARK. These pictures of members, the club, our equipment and activities are taken in the period 1960-1980.


The radio shack of LA1K, 1978, 104kB
The shack of ARK was rebuilt and was loaded with good equipment, allthough the main rigs were commercial, all PA's and peripheral equipment was built by the members themselves.
QSL-card of 1975, 430kB
A nice QSL-card sponsored by Tandberg...
DX-pedition to a warm place near Trondheim..., 257kB
In the earlier days, the club had a yearly traditional DX-pedition to Hell, a small place 30km east of Trondheim. The proclamation of the QTH caused from time to time a reaction from the other end of the pile-up...!
Quad antenna for HF, 118kB
This Quad with 2 elements for 40m served ARK - LA1K for many years until it came down one time too many during a storm. It was replaced by a 12-element log-periodic in 1982.
ARK on the Arts Scene, B/W 268kB
In 1968 members of ARK worked together this fine piece of art and signed on for the National Arts Exhibition...