NRRL Nasjonale Field-Day 2003

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OH8PB and LA5GKA making some last minute antenna measurements
LB1LF fighting a 20m yagi
Who are all these?
20m yagi on a 10 m tower. Shack #1 seen below
OH8PB and LA5GKA operating from shack #2, inside a GMC truck
LA5GKA and OH8PB operating from shack #2
Beautiful. 2m and 20m yagi in the sunset
LA8UGA calling CQ Field-Day from shack #1
LB1LF operating HF and LB1XF on VHF
"Pse repeat, you are very weak, de LA8UGA"
Our 20m yagi against the deep blue sky
LB1XF riding the pile-up
OH8PB working some laid-back before-contest QSOs on his QRP equipment
LB1LF assists his fellow club members getting the tower with the 20m yagi erected

Pictures ©2003 Øystein Oddan Holt (LA5LKA) and Ingulf Helland (LB1VF)

Updated 2003-10-13, Arnt Richard Johansen, LA6AKA