The 1990s

Here are some photos from our album at ARK. These pictures of members, the club, our equipment and activities were taken in the period 1990-1995.


The radio shack of LA1K, 318kB
The shack of ARK is well equipped and makes the members who like to work the bands able to have a QSO on all bands up to 70cm. Higher frequencies are 'under construction'... Here the HF section of our shack.
Parabolic dish antenna, 5.5m, 162kB
Our efforts to become QRV on 23cm EME have so far been without much success. Hopefully this antenna will be pointed to the moon autumn 1995.
12 element Log Periodic antenna, B/W 369kB
Our main antenna for the HF-bands, replaced by a Force-12 tribander in 1998.
Workshop of ARK, 140kB
The walls of this workshop have seen a project or two develop under the more or less skillfull hands of the club members...
Main antennas, 324kB
Nice colour picture of both main antennas, the Log Periodic and our array for VHF/UHF. Barely visible some dipoles for 80m and 160m, the 6m 3 element Yagi and a satellite dish for ASTRA...